School Leavers

Year 12 is the time to think about future careers, choose further studies and prepare for the end-of-year exams. It’s also a time to have some fun and create lasting mementos of the school years.


We manufacture all of our leavers’ jackets in Perth, Australia, to the very highest quality standards. None of our leavers’ jackets are manufactured overseas as you cannot beat local quality of fabrics and workmanship and Quality is everything to us.


Please contact us so we can give you a quote on our locally manufactured leavers’ jackets and discuss this year’s style. We can create anything from bomber jackets to American-style varsity jackets in our Perth workshop. Please let us know if there a date and time suitable for us to come out and show some fantastic samples of leavers’ jackets, leavers’ polos and other great styles we have manufactured this year.


Leavers’ jumpers

For many school leavers, the leavers’ jumper is the essence of the final year of school. We can help you design and produce school leavers’ jumpers that your students will love and cherish for many years.


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Graduation sashes

The graduation ceremony, along with the school ball, is one of the most memorable school moments. Make your school’s graduation ceremony more special with a personalised graduation sash for each student.


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